Taste your curiosity
Taste your curiosity
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Taste your curiosity


Schweppes speaks to those who are keen to explore new taste experiences. An invitation which goes beyond the taste of drinks, it is an encouragement to explore more in life, it is an attitude. 
Schweppes encourages you to Taste your curiosity.

Now why curiosity, you may ask yourself? Well simply because our international audience likes to discover something new. Curiosity starts by asking yourself questions. That’s why curious questions are at the core of the campaign. How does a perfect Mojito taste when it hits your lips?   It’s about daring yourself to wonder. Curiosity triggers your imagination and starts new thoughts. Thoughts that can lead to new ways and new sensations.

Through a visceral TVC we spark the curiosity of our audience through mouth-watering product focused shots and its social aperitif after effect.

TVC 'Mojito'
TVC 'Tonic'
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