Nierstichting - Opening Fabian’s world
Opening Fabian’s world
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Opening Fabian’s world


Meet Fabian. His kidney failure makes him fully reliant on a dialysis machine to purify his blood. He is house-bound for 40 hours a week. But there’s hope. With enough funding we turn portable dialysis machines into reality. It will open up Fabian’s world and those of all other kidney patients. But before we jumped into funding, we needed to raise awareness and show the world what it is like to be stuck to a dialysis machine for hours a day.

That’s why we brought outdoor print to life through a live connection. We set up a billboard with an integrated livestream-screen at Rotterdam Central Station. A stop and go place for people who live their everyday lives. They are amidst their work commute, enjoying a day of shopping or go out for dinner.


The contrast between this ‘big, lively world’ and Fabian’s small world could not be bigger.
By live streaming Fabian during his dialysis treatment at home, he was no longer cut off from the outside world.

With nothing to do but wait until his blood was filtered, he had enough time to talk to people passing by. This way we brought the world closer to dialysis, and brought those who are stuck to dialysis closer to the world.


  • Eurobest - Media
  • AMMA - Best use of medium
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Nierstichting - Opening Fabian’s world
Fabian at home
Nierstichting - Opening Fabian’s world
Central Station Rotterdam