Hema Pride 2017
HEMA ♥ everyone
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HEMA ♥ everyone


HEMA is a shop for everybody. Since 1926 HEMA makes affordable products and therefore accessible to all. That's why HEMA became a symbol of equality and acceptance in the Netherlands. And HEMA takes pride in that. In the spirit of that acceptance and freedom, the brand shows its support for equality during the Pride festival. The Pride organisation believes that “everybody has the right to be who they are and to love who they want”. We couldn’t agree more.

So we gave people the opportunity to show that everybody should be able to love everybody. By creating thousands of t-shirts with a random name from the 100+ different nationalities that live in Holland on it. Each with a heart in front of the name. We put them in unmarked packaging, so people wouldn’t know upfront what name was on their shirt.


The campaign kicked off with a video starring famous Dutch people, influencers in the gay and transgender community and even HEMA’s CEO, sharing their ideas about equality and acceptance. All wearing a t-shirt with a random name.

On the week of the Pride all 10,000 shirts were sold. During the Pride people from all different backgrounds wore the shirts. All carrying out the same message: love everybody. Regardless what their colour, age or sexual preference is. Because love is for everyone.

The profits of the sale of the t-shirts were donated to the Dutch COC, advocating the rights of lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals and transgenders.

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