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A large amount of houses. And potentially your new home. That’s what you know you can find on funda. But what most home seekers don’t know, is that funda has so much more to offer. Way more. Funda offers more tips. More tools. More information about the home seeking process than you could ever think of.

Not only about a house itself. But about the neighborhood you want to live in. How long houses are for sale on average. How many schools nearby. If there’s a bus stop around the corner. Or a daycare. What the average asking price is, in different neighborhoods. Where you can find the closest supermarket. And more.

And you know what? You can find it all on funda. A very reassuring fact for home seekers, who are full of questions. With their head full of ideas, doubts and wishes. They just have to check out funda. Because it’s all there.

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