Brain-Friendly Working
Brain-Friendly Working
Zorg van de Zaak




To get more attention for the brain in our everyday work environment, we started the national campaign ‘Brain-Friendly Working’ together with Zorg van de Zaak. The campaign focuses on hard-working Dutch people who neglect their brain as they have forgotten to let their brain rest.

Digitization, our ‘always on’ mentality, constantly shifting the attention from one assignment to another and regular distraction asks a lot from our brain. This increase in interruptions go hand in hand with less down-time we permit our brain. Employees lose their concentration and go home with a low energy brain.

Wake-up call
The campaign shows the viewer examples of all those brain-unfriendly situations which nowadays we all think is perfectly normal behavior. Every time you’re interrupted, it takes up to 25 minutes to regain your focus. The one who is paying for it? Your self-confidence. And with that your effectiveness as well. The animation of current brain stats give the viewer a peek to what is actually happening in our brain. A friendly reminder that we need to change this so we don’t miss the more important things in life.

The facts: we are working brain-unfriendly
Research* by Zorg van de Zaak shows that more than half of the working population in the Netherlands (53%) comes home without any energy from a day's work several times a month. 19% experiences this feeling several times a week. Nearly two-thirds (63%) struggle to focus during their work day several times a month, of which just over a quarter (26%) experience this several times a week. 42% experiences less work satisfaction several times a month. This is linked to brain-unfriendly work environments. One third of the employers receive an inadequate rating from their employees in the area of Brain-Friendly Working’