The Power of 25 - part 2

Kia Netherlands has turned 25 this year. To honour this milestone, we created a content series called ‘The Power of 25'. As 25 is a special age: you are old enough to make the right choices and young enough to still want to conquer the world. We call this feeling 'The Power of 25'.

For this campaign we searched for powerful stories that embrace this feeling and show how they follow their inner beat. A mentality that suits the brand and empowers its fan base - regardless their age. In the second film of this series we see Kia Ambassador Johnny de Mol having an inspiring conversation with YouTuber Quinty Misiedjan (22).

After Quinty didn’t pass the lottery admission to study medicine, she drastically changed her course and started writing sketches and created YouTube videos. Exactly what follow your inner beat is about. During her roadtrip with Johnny de Mol she answers the question: where do you want to stand at the age of 25.

What advice Johnny will give her to help her reach this goal? Watch the film below!