Born XXS, and native to the Netherlands, Creature Amsterdam is the agency
for brave and ambitious brands who want to challenge the status quo.

Fuelled by Intelligent Misbehaviour - breaking the rules, in the right way,
for the right reasons - Creature Amsterdam believes that the best work is made in small teams
with the ambition to break new ground, and deliver real results for clients.

Let’s misbehave.

Our way of working


Our everyday way of working is founded on three basic principles.

1 Everything 
On Board

2 The

3 The

1 Everything On Board


We take care of the creative brand direction. From brand strategy to
creative excellence and production in our high-end studios*.

With our 60+ crew we have everything on board to create and execute
brand platforms.


* Design studio, Online studio, Recording (sound design), Edit suites,
In-house photography, Retouch and Video & Film production.

2 The BrandPropellor®


To move brands forward and ultimately make them fly, we have developed
The BrandPropellor®. A strategic model which helps brands
to take on their challenges.

The Propellor consists of three basic elements. The hub and two blades.
The three parts together stand for our fields of expertise: strategy,
creative concept and execution. It reflects our way of working as the whole
is always greater than the sum of its parts.


3 The Crew


We create great work based on trust in teams where creative,
strategy, account and client operate as one.

Teams built around the task at hand – where specialists can
join the crew whenever needed.

We believe that’s the best crew to get to the desired destination.

Be the courage you want to attract


Just some of the brave and ambitious brands we misbehave intelligently with:

*The average of our partner relationship is 7,5 years... and counting.


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